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Introduction to Sri Vidya


India has various cults and creeds. The Hinduism is more a League of Religions than a single
religion with a definite creed. The traditional Indian Schools of Philosophy that are known as
darsana or realization are The Advaitha, Dvaitha, visishtadvaitha, Nyaya, Vaiseshika, Sankhya,
Yoga, Purva Mimamsa, Vedanta and The Saiva Siddhanta. The Hinduism has, within its fold,
various traditions like Ganapatyam, Kowmaram, Saivism, Saktism, Vaishnavism and Sowram. The
Ganapathya expresses the ultimate truth, as the creator the Lord Ganesha the cause of creation.
The Kowmaram understands the life as winning over the evils. The Saivam explains the concept of
five elements and the path of meditation. The Saktism defines the process of energy. The
Vaishnavism is the theory of protection. The Sowram is worshiping the solar energy as the
Supreme Being. But, Sri Vidya is the equalized approach and a holistic philosophy of all these
concepts. It is also called as Brahma Vidya, which is the non-dualistic - advaitha philosophy, Athma
Vidya the great realization of the Athma. Maha Vidya that it is the great one and Sri Vidya which is
the ultimate knowledge that one could realize.

What is Sri Vidya?

Sri Vidya is the philosophy of Global Oneness. It is a sect, cult or a fellowship which is mentioned
by a Sanskrit word Sampradaya that arises from Saktism which is a branch of Hinduism. Sri Vidya is
based on the oneness of the Universe and calls it as the Mother Goddess- Lalitha, who is the
unified form of Siva and Sakti- the male and female energies. It is intended to furnish a right
method of philosophical enquiry into all the subjects and objects of human knowledge, including
the process of reasoning. It is a non-dualistic approach. It is a method for attaining peace,
concentration and Godliness. It is a theory and practice of becoming, which is the real
transformation form unreal to the real.

There is a traditional path of Sri Vidya, which is nothing but attainment of realization through
personal penance and rituals. They also worship and meditate upon the Sri yantra and the
Goddess. They separate themselves from the real world thinking themselves as the people of high
purity. Some other people from tantra cult try to attain all the earthly treasures through tantric
practices or left oriented techniques of tantric worship. There is a strong misconception towards
tantra cult regarding the adoption of certain rituals related with the usage of Mamasa (flesh),
Matsya( fish), Madya (wine), Mudra (gestures), and Maiduna ( fornication). In the light of vedantic
realization the word mamsa has been explained as the sacrifice of earthly attachments, the
Matsaya denotes the unrest of mind and mastery over such senses, Madya means the nectar
emerging from the top of the head and coming down through the inner tongue while practicing
kundalini yoga, Mudra are the meaningful communications with the divine energy and Myduna
denotes the unification of the male and female concepts within oneself. But after twenty years of
my saintly hood and practice of Sri Vidya I realized that I have been directed by the Great Mother
Goddess to develop our consciousness of Sri Vidya by not only performing rituals but as a process
of transcendence in the present time and space through meditation and selfless service for which I
am in need of writing texts explaining the new dimension. Thus evolves the Sri Vidya meditation. Sri
Vidya meditation leads to global unity, peace and happiness. It is an integral philosophy beyond all
the discriminations of all classes, castes, creeds and religions.

We the human beings, animals, birds, creatures, living and non-living things, devils, demons, evil
and holy spirits… all are the children of the Great Mother Goddess. There is no two. All are one. It
is not only a form of religion but way of life. We realize the true love of the Mother through Sri
vidya. Our philosophy is Sri Vidya. The deity is Sri Lalitha. The holy text is Sri Lalitha
Sahasranama. The path of attainment is Sri Vidya meditation and the way of life is selfless service.
The ethics of Sri Vidya is truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence. The people who
follow Sri Vidya way of living should study all other faiths and should respect them. They should
lose their identity in the ocean of humanity. They should sacrifice their ego for the sake of well
being of the global society.

Sri Vidya meditation is a specially designed method to re - program your mind towards conscious
being. You have to only spend a little time daily, but those minutes will make a remarkable change
in your life. It has three parts and they are
1. Purification of mind
2. Spiritually charging the mind by Sri Vidya energy
3. Stabilization of the Sri Vidya energy
If you practice the above spiritual meditation regularly in the early morning for 27 days there will be
immense benefits. You will be blessed with good health, well-being, intellect, character, wealth,
social status, spiritual bliss and universal peace. The eight-fold benefits of meditation can be

1. Purification of your mind
Why we need mind purification? The mind is like a crystal clear pond. The purity is spoiled even
because of a small disturbance. There are three possibilities for the contamination of our mind.
Our sub-conscious mind has records of our ancestors in subtle form. This has to be completely
erased. Then only we could feel the brightness of our life. Secondly, many evil vibrations created
by others contaminate our thoughts. We are unable to realize the real light of our life due to this
disturbance. Thirdly, we meet with many miseries in our life as the out come of our selfish deeds.
These sorrows, depression, failures, fear and anxiety are some of the forms of impurities loaded in
our mind. Sri Vidya meditation directs to purify our mind by removing the impurities. There is a
stream of thought, one thought following another in succession. These thought forms are the
spontaneous output of the mind, coming into existence and becoming non-existent at the same
moment without the control of the thinker. One should learn to streamline these thought forms. This
could be achieved only through cleansing of Manipuragha Chakra, which is explained in the course.

2. Spiritually charging your mind
Human mind has two concerns. One is material and another is spiritual and one cannot exist
without the other. The mind learns and realizes easily about the material world, which is sensible
through the five senses organs. But, the question is that how to understand the spirit? There is an
inner light, called self or spirit. The more you approach the real light of self, the more darkness of
delusion vanishes. The inner light has to be ignited or induced with the help of spiritual practices.
That is nothing but a fearless stage, with boldness and tremendous love. The vast majority of the
people do not understand the meaning of this reality. What is the use of searching for the spiritual
power in the outward journey? It can be attained within us. Sri Vidya meditation teaches you to
charge and energize your inner mind with the help of sacred syllables. After this stage one can
trace the presence of the spiritual energies in and around.

The doctrine of the Sri Vidya meditation postulates that our body consists of exactly with the
elements as those of the Universe. What is in the Universe is there in the body as well; and what is
there in the body is there in the Universe as well. In other words, by correlating the centers found in
our body to the countless stars and planets in the Universe, it may be concluded that the Universe
and the body are one and the same. The connectivity between the Universe and us is all-
important. If we lose the signals we may not be able to live properly. Sri Vidya meditation enables
us to realize the inner self and identify the same with the Universal abundance.

3. Stabilize the spiritual mind power
It is due to our ignorance; slowly we lose the connectivity or the charge of the spiritual energy. In
order to stabilize the invoked energy we have to learn certain techniques and processes. Many of
us think that spirituality is related with certain God or Goddesses, caste, creed or religion. In fact
spirituality is nothing to do with religion. It is the realization about the abundant invisible energy
dwelling all over the Universe. Human beings are the complex creations of body, mind and spirit.
The first one is the physical manifestation and the rest are subtle. There are “Nine” stages of
existence; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky, Conscious mind, and Sub - conscious mind, Super
conscious mind and the Supreme Being of Universal existence. These stages are there in the
human (body) as (energy) centers. The life forces that make us alive and dwells from the toe to
head through these energy centers are connected with the Supreme Being. The spiritual life
energy flows from the Supreme Being end enters through the human body, through the conscious
mind center in the body. But due to other reasons the connectivity is disconnected. That is the
reason for all our sufferings. Sri vidya meditation helps us to stabilize the spiritual mind power and
to spread the same to others.

After the said steps you will be taken to the next position of a 27 days practice of Sri Vidya
meditation. Before trying to start Sri Vidya meditative techniques, it is necessary to understand the
mighty Kundalini energy found (hidden and inherent) in our own body. It is Kundalini, the serpent
power (female energy) of mother Goddess, in the form of a snake, coiled in three and a half a
turns, awaiting to wake up at root chakra to reach and unite
with the ultimate male energy at the Crown.

Kundalini means an energy in the form of a coiled snake in three and a half turns. Kunda means
coiled, Kundalini is also called or known as "Bhujangini", Serpent power. Three coils represent the
three-root character Sattva- Truth, Purity or equilibrium. The non-moving nature of the Universe.
Rajas - Kinetic power of the universe. The moving nature if the Universe, Tamas- The power of
Inertia, the lower of the three gunas, the constituents of Prakrithi, or material nature, the neutral
nature of the Universe. Half a turn- represents the beginning status of Vikritis the modification of
Prakrithi or material nature. This indicates the transcendence of the soul from
ignorance to great light of realization.

There are six basic energy centers namely: - Earth center, Water center, Fire center, Air center,
Sky center, Conscious mind center, and Sub - conscious mind center, Super conscious mind
center and The Supreme Being of Universal existence which is beyond the body, mind and spirit
consciousness. The large expanse over the head is known as Supreme Being of Universal

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