Tuesday, March 17, 2009

அருள்மிகு அபிராமி அந்தாதி

Abhirami Andhaadhi


  1. The goddess appeared when the Bhattar finished the song #79 starting with "vizhikkinRa..." (not 67-70 as stated). Song #80 describes the grace of the goddess in saving the Bhattar.

  2. thank you very much for the presised info. i got this online and posted it to share with friends.you must be very learned in sri abhirami anthadhi i guess... im a fanatic. i read abhirami pattar's life story and insantly became his follower. i have many books on abhirami anthadhi in tamil,but sometimes i feel it just get very complicated.i got a much clearer pic from a discourse by mr suki sivam. i would really appreciate if you could enlighten me more on this sir. thank you. shree mathre namaha.