Monday, March 9, 2009

The Beginning...

hi peeps....
the beginning of my blog, and before i start to let my words wander, i shall not let you ponder.
i am Vicnesh, a person with many dreams...
yet to achieve all of them,
but will do it somehow before i rest in peace.A person who takes every day as it comes...

i always seem to have different point of view on everything,but i usually keep my views with me. but if u are willing to share my views then im willing to tell you you... Tats me....
i love music, bhajans, the arts,reading,eating,singing,blogging and many more.... but most of all i love my family,friends,my religion and the one and only divine mother i worship.anything and everything about her.
you will read lots about amma and her worship here in the near without waiting any further,
i would like to start blogging about someone i love the most in the entire universe.
do feel free to follow up my blog and leave your valueble comments on my blogspot... enjoy reading and tata for now,
with love,
swami sharanam......


  1. nice this is a very good collection.
    I appreciate your efforts and wish you good luck.

  2. Hey.. I stumbled upon your blog from a reference for mine... and when I was searching for good pics.. Great work... I have to read the complete Lalithaiyin Sarithai... Keep writing... BTW I am deepak.. from the kshetrapuranas @ wordpress blog :)

  3. Hi, Chanceless Photos with amazing explanations... Iam also a great fan and lover or Sri Maha Sakthi... Mail me the photos of her if u have... Please!!!