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ஸ்ரீ லலிதையின் சரிதை 9

The description of the Palace of Cintamani
1. This palace is centrally located in Sripattana – The City of Sri (Wealth).
2. The walls of the palace are built with Cintamani gems.
3. The roof also is madeof the same stones of Cintamani.
4. The palace has three towers by names Iccha Sikhara, Kriya Sikhara and
Jnana Sikhara i.e. the towers of desire, action and knowledge.
5. The palace has four doors. They are called Amnaya devas. They are
Purva, Dakshina, Pascima and Uttara – Amnaya devas (on the East, South,
West and North sides). Amnaya means Veda.
6. Bindu Peetha (central seat of power) is centrally located in the palace.
7. This seat of power (peetha) has steps on four sides.
8. The entire structure described above is of the design of Sricakra.
9. All the male and female deities of Sricakra reside here.
10. The Bindu Peetha is called Sri Peetha, Maha Peetha, Vidya Peetha and
Ananda Peetha also (The seat of prosperity, greatness, knowledge and
11. On the pedastal exists the cot of the five brahmas
12. The cot has four legs namely Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesana and Iswara.
These four deities have attained female form by worshipping Mother.
13. The plank resting on these legs is Sadasiva
14. To the east of this cot, there are 36 steps, representing the 36 aspects
of spiritualism
15. There is a foot-rest in front of the cot.
16. There is swan like bed on the cot.
17. On the cot, there are two pillows for the head and one pillow for the legs
18. A light red blanket is spread on the bed.
19. The Lord Kameswara sits on the cot facing the East. He is ever in the
form of a sixteen year old boy. He has four hands and three eyes. He
wears erotic costumes.
20. On His lap sits Lalita Devi. She is ever in the form of a sixteen year old
girl. Her complexion is rosy. She wears erotic costumes. She has four
hands. Her decoration is the moon.
21. As she pleases Sadasiva, she is called Lalita (Lalana – to please)
Siva Kameswarankastha Siva Svadheena Vallabha
Sumeru madhya srungastha Srimannagara nayika
Cintamani gruhantastha
Panca Brahmasana sthita
Maha Padmatavi samstha
Kadamba vana vasini
Sudha sagara madhyastha
Kamakshi Kamadayini
The above names in the Lalita Sahasra nama indicate the Srinaara, the
Cintamani gruha (the palace of the Mother) and her other divine aspects
described above.
The Mother incarnated to kill the demon Bhanda. She is the Supreme Mother
as per these divine names, will achieve everything auspicious.


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